Hi Everybody,

I’m Olga, a photographer who is madly in love with what I do.

Here is a little bit about myself:

  • 2009 - Picked up a professional camera for the first time, started experimenting with many different genres.
  • 2013 – my first newborn photo session took place with 7 days old baby girl and I found my calling.
  • 2014 – newborn photography studio was opened in Toronto.

FAMILY - is the most important part of who I am.

HUSBAND - fully supports of all my ideas.

CHILDREN - we have two of them: Maria and Michael.

FAVORITE COLORS - I love all shades of gray, black, dark blue.

BORN - in Ukraine.

WEAKNESSES - sweets, sushi, wine.

SPORTS - yoga and biking.

HOBBIES - Upcycling aged furniture. I see an old dresser that no one needs and I give it a second life.

COUNTRIES - which you can visit infinitely: Italy, France.

FRIENDS and SUN are both very important to me.

PRINCIPLES OF LIFE - Love ... Appreciation and gratefulness... Dreams ... Making things happen!