Pregnancy is a period of tenderness, comfort, warmth, care and attention. At this time, you are unique and full of incredible power. For me it’s an opportunity to give you a portrait on the threshold of a new chapter of life, to highlight your beauty and personality!


Maternity photo sessions can take place both in the Satin Photography studio or at the convenience of your home. There are necessary conditions for this - the right light, enough space, corresponding interior elements and textiles. If the weather conditions allow, then a maternity photo session can be done outside. Nature provides just the perfect unique backgrounds and a freedom of action. Lively scenery, beautiful architecture and air are the best sponsors of lifestyle, urbanistic and casual photo sessions.


The best time to take a maternity photo shoot is usually from week 25 to week 35. You will probably sense the right moment for the photo shoot. The earlier, the easier it is for you to move, pose and change outfits.


Our maternity photo sessions are done in a simple and tasteful way. The characteristic features of such a shooting are casual easiness and natural effects.


Usually, we discuss the outfit options and your color preferences in advance. We can chat by phone, but I would love to meet you in our studio. What could be better than a private conversation between two girls for a cup of delicious tea. The studio has an elegant wardrobe: we can offer you dresses, beautiful skirts, delicate tops, flowing fabrics, wreaths and hats. Many things were tailored based on our sketches and they look awesome. Maternity photo session begins in the style of family casual, for example, jeans and T-shirts and then proceed to other outfits agreed on in advance.


Shooting can be done in the studio, at your home or outside. We usually make it happen in the first part of a day and it lasts 1 – 1.5 hours. For an outside photo session, we recommend 5-8pm when the soft sunset sun allows us to create the best shots. Professional makeup - the right addition to your image. You can do it yourself, contact your professionals or use the services of our make-up artists. If the makeup will be done in our studio, then you need to come to the photo session an hour earlier, so that our fairies of beautiful images could emphasize your natural beauty.


In a week after a baby photo session, you will receive a link with the best photos that we went through and a detailed inspection and color correction. According to your chosen package, you define the images you want us to retouch further. We aim to deliver finished photos within 4 weeks after we receive your choices.