Studio Satin Photography was created for an ideal newborn photography experience.


A studio is located in Holland Landing just 5 minutes from Newmarket. We are striving for achieving all that is needed for your comfort - optimal temperature in a shooting and resting areas, comfort and cleanliness. There are a few breaks during the session for feeding a baby and changing clothes. A good mood is very important for a successful photo session, that’s why we provide a relaxing experience in our studio.


First 5-12 days of your little one’s life is the best time for a newborn photo session. During this period the infant sleeps very well and they are less disturbed by a touch or a sound. All of this results in getting wonderful sleepy poses. You don’t want to miss that specific time so it’s a good idea to book your newborn photography session in advance (based on your due date). Session times are limited so your booking is the only guarantee to having your baby photographed at a proper time.


Natural, comfort and an elegant simplicity is our style.


We provide a plenty of accessories and outfits for your baby. We have so many of them so you can easily choose your favorite color range. If other family members are participating in a photo session you may want to think about a consistent style/color. Make sure to bring a positive mood, food for baby and soother (if used).


A newborn photo session usually starts at 10-11 a.m. and lasts 2-4 hours. It’s enough time for changing outfits and feeding a baby. There are complimentary fruits, snacks, water, tea, and coffee in our studio. You might think about bringing a full meal with you if you need one.


In a week after a baby photo session, you will receive a link with the best photos which we went through with a detailed inspection and color correction. According to your chosen package, you define the images you want us to retouch further. We aim to deliver finished photos within 4 weeks after we receive your choices.